The Hometown Boys

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1. Cartas De Amor
2. Asi, Lo De Abandonado
3. Desamparado De Amor
4. Yo Soy
5. Confesion
6. Quisiera Ser
7. Vengo A Ver Unos Ojos
8. Viva Matamoros
9. Mis Veinte Novias
10. Joe's Special

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1. Cartas De Amor
2. Vengo A Ver Unos Ojos
3. Mi Ranchito
4. Desamparado De Amor
5. Amorcito Consentido
6. Amor Ingrato
7. Asi Lo De Abandonado
8. Indita Mia
9. Me Importa Madre
10. Yo Soy
11. Quisiera Ser
12. Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
13. Amor Bonito
14. Juanita Y Miguel
15. La Prieta Casada
16. Prenda Querida
17. Morenita De Ojos Negros
18. Los Laureles
19. Buscando Un Cariño
20. La Llanta Baja

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1. Amor Bonito
2. Vengo A Ver Unos Ojos
3. Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
4. Los Laureles
5. Amorcito Concentido
6. Cartas De Amor
7. Morenita De Ojos Negros
8. La Prieta Casada
9. Indita Mia
10. Mi Ranchito

Hacienda Records is featuring its first Compilation by The Hometown Boys, the outstanding group that has a multitude of popular masterpiece recordings and have established a strong mark of excellence in the conjunto music industry. The Hometown Boys led by two bothers, Ricky and the late Joe Martinez have the reputation of one of the most loved conjuntos known for their strong beats and aggressive style. Their popularity is still at an all time high and they continue to wow crowds wherever they play. Hacienda is proud to have been the seasoning grounds for this group. These vintage recordings represent The Hometown Boys with,"20 Golden Hits," at their best.